Hi, I am Sai and I am a LearningTech graduate student in the College of Education at UMass Amherst. My research interests focus on intelligent tutoring systems, emerging learning technologies, learning management systems, web accessibility, and improving student-teacher interaction through collaborative classroom technology.

For over a decade, I worked in HigherEd IT, Healthcare IT, IT Infra and Data Center Operations. However, in the end, I found my likes in HigherEd and decided to be an instructor.

For when I graduate, I wish to be an academe and contribute my best to the teaching community.

Sai Satish Gattupalli

I believe teachers are cool. They are the cornerstones of the community we live in today. Teachers are the foundation in building future leaders, scientists, and doctors.

With every child growing up with technology, EdTech plays a crucial role in classrooms. Integrating curriculum that promotes active classroom engagement, student-teacher collaboration, and an overall successful classroom content delivery is crucial in this day and age. However, in a traditional classroom setting, there are many gaps that teachers experience - from inadequate classroom infrastructure to finding the right EdTech tools, and LMS and web accessibility issues.

With the growing number of digital devices, there needs to be a strong focus on tools that teachers can benefit from, and that contribute to an improved student engagement and learning impact.

My inspiration stems directly from this and I am on a journey to make instructional technology easy and accessible to the entire teaching community.

Under guidance from my advisors, Torrey Trust, Ph.D., Ivon Arroyo, Ph.D. and Betsy McEneaney, Ph.D.


Sai as MassCUE Champion

MassCUE Champions Launch, MA
January 2020

Sai speaking at JustAStart

MassCUE Fall '19 Conference, MA
Teacher Scholarship Winner
October 2019

Sai speaking at JustAStart

Just-A-Start, Cambridge
Special Guest Speaker
October 2019

Sai with Dr. Trust

SPARK Summit by ISTE, Philadelphia
Torrey Trust, Ph.D.
June 2019

Sai at the UN

UN Academic Impact, The UN
April 2019

Sai speaking at JustAStart

Just-A-Start, Cambridge
Special Guest Speaker
February 2019

Sai at the NYSE

Presentation on AI and ML, Blackberry®
October 2018

Sai speaking at JustAStart

Just-A-Start, Cambridge
Special Guest Speaker
March 2018

Sai with Daymond John

Daymond "The Shark" John
Merrimack College
April 2017