Sai Gattupalli

Hello and namaste.

I am Sai Gattupalli and I am a STEM Learning Technologies PhD Candidate at UMass Amherst. I am located at the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab in Amherst, MA. I work with work with Ivon Arroyo, EdD, Francisco Castro, PhD, Beverly Woolf, PhD, Danielle Allessio, PhD, Torrey Trust, PhD, Betsy McEneaney, PhD, Sharon Edwards, PhD and Bob Maloy, EdD.

I develop Wearable Learning , which is an online multiplayer embodied games platform for math learning that leverages on learning outcomes on both game play and game design practices. Using our educational platform, K12 students develop computational thinking, which is a crucial and much needed skill in the 21st century. My research focuses on learner culture which when understood in nuanced contexts could lead to effective learning experiences.

Additionally, I develop two math literacy projects, Usable Math, and MathSpring. While the former is tailored for elementary learners, the later is scaled to older grades including adult remedial. Both literacy initiatives focus on math problem solving at the core, whereas Usable Math particularly expands instruction to math design, storytelling, and creative writing.

Check out Project Badi, a nonprofit providing classroom supplies to underserved communities in rural India. So far, the project has supported 800+ kids with educational material. Badi in Telugu langage means school.

New 👉 Check out our new book chapter, Prompt Literacy in EdTechnica: The Open Encyclopedia of Educational Technology, co-authored with Dr. Maloy, where we explore the cutting-edge field of prompt engineering, and its impact on AI in educational settings for prompt literacy.

New 👉 Physics simulations: Particle system simulation using the p5.js library.

New 👉 Key Decisions for an Open Online Math Tutor for Elementary Students. Journal of Digital Experiences in Math Education. Collab with Prof. Edwards and Prof. Maloy from TESI and TECS departments. Request a copy.

👉 Read on my blog: Future of AI in Education. NSF Personalized Adventures in Learning (PAL) Workshop hosted by UMass Amherst CICS Research Professor Beverly Woolf, PhD, EdD.

👉 Live readership distribution dashboard showing my research spread.

👉 Check out A human crafted, AI-enhanced digital first Culture Magazine.

👉 Read our latest research from AIED 2023: Large language models in education: How can we "bend" AI to provide in-situ scaffolding to young learners.

Developing a Culturally Responsive Coding Scheme for Educational Game Design

Research Domains

Artificial Intelligence in Education, Prompt Literacy, Cultural Identity and Citizenship, Computational Thinking, Math Education, Mobile Learning, Advanced Learning Technologies


Affiliations and Projects/అనుబంధాలు

EdSutra Core Competency Learning

High-quality, problem-based courses for young minds.

Founders: Sai Gattupalli & Poulomi Chakravarty, PhD

Wearable Learning NoCode Programming

Learn Programming with NoCode and Game Design.

PI: Ivon Arroyo, EdD

Postdoc Lead: Francisco Castro, PhD

Project బడి (Project Badi)

Empowering Telangana's classrooms with essential resources.

Founders: Sai Gattupalli & Poulomi Chakravarty, PhD

Usable Math Literacy Initiative

Google Slides-based math learning through problem solving and design.

Chairs: Sharon Edwards, PhD & Robert Maloy, PhD

The Center for Knowledge Communication

Revolutionizing tailored educational experiences through AI.

PI: Beverly Woolf, PhD, EdD

Postdoc Lead: Danielle Allessio, PhD

Advanced Learning Technologies Lab

Empowering diverse learners through innovative tech solutions.

PI: Ivon Arroyo, EdD

Postdoc Lead: Francisco Castro, PhD

Personalized Adventures in Learning (PAL)

The future of AI in education technology.

PI: Beverly Woolf, PhD, EdD

Postdoc Lead: Danielle Allessio, PhD

International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era

Global scientific alliance amplifying digital learning research and bridging academic divides.

Chair: Ekaterina Kochmar, PhD

Co-Chair: Anouschka van Leeuwen, PhD

Mathspring Intelligent Tutoring System

Free, Equitable and AI-based Smart Math Tutor for Grades 4 and up.

PIs: Beverly Woolf, PhD, EdD, Ivon Arroyo, EdD, and colleagues.

Postdoc Lead: Danielle Allessio, PhD

CultureExtra Magazine

A human-crafted, AI-enhanced magazine focused on the multifaceted nature of Culture.

AI Art/Simulations/ఎఐ కళ

👉 Check out interactive physics, cosmic phenomenon and simulations made using p5 JavaScript libraries. Click here.

👉 VQ GANs, from pre-GenAI era (click to play)

Read more: Pretrained StyleGAN2 by Justinpinkney . I made a free Google Collab for you to try.

Medieval face paintings + Shingo Nakamura
Pulse_reach: 1.8/2

Paint art + Paluke Bangaramayena
Pulse_reach: 1.1/2

Abstract art + Paluke Bangaramayena
Pulse_reach: 0.5/2

👉 Contrastive Language–Image Pre-training (CLIP/Pre-DallE era)

Text cue: Dieselpunk + alien spaceship landed + desert


CV available on request.

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